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Serpentine Winery

2018 Spring MIT Core Studio 3
Site: Baja, Mexico
Date of Project: Dec 2018
Instructor: Cristina Parreno

Food industry is a mix of industrial intelligence and natural impacts. The nature of wine production and the prevelance of family-run mode in Baja area make it possible for us to reconnect different phases in food industry that are often dissevered by mass production.  This project aims to intergrate all natural inscapes involved in the production of wine, and explores the potential roles of infrastructure in production in the increasingly interconnected world.

Based on the duality of drought and seasonal runoff on site, this winery prioritizes the utilization of water by inclusively involving in the process of water collecting, draining and distributing as infrastructure. The integrated system thus plays multiple roles including retaining walls, drainage, irrigation, thermal mass, etc. and actively engages in wine production in all aspects. It proactively adapts itself to the changes in environments, sensitively reacts to the rise and drop in temperature and humidity, and engages in the full life cycle of grapes.

This architecture-landscape project also explores the relationship between traditional agriculture and modern industry and the extension of agricultural landscape. Most elements in this project are multi-purpose: the vineyard on rooftop is also the blind for the massing, and an agricultural landscape. The wine storage room is also the thermal mass for interior space

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