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Footprint of Water

3rd Prize of “Bloooom” public installation competition
Site: Chengdu, China
Date of Project: Aug. 2020
Team Work with Ziyang Xu, Zhiyu Li, Lanchun Zeng

Nourishing is silent, and the human body is in nature but often only sees the results of nature’s creation, but it is difficult to perceive the subtle process of nature power. This design is intended to reduce the macroscopic laws of the natural power to the human-scale experience, reshape the intimate relationship between man and nature, establish the cognitive connection between the invisible force of nature and the existing natural environment, and explore the presence of human in the evolution of the environment.

Environments are composed of immediacy and stability. People’s cognition of the environment is the result of the combination of instant impression and long-term experience. We hope that by capturing certain natural elements and redistributing them, we can amplify the disparities between different parts of the experimental zone; At the same time, we can quantify the strength of natural power and measure the nature on the timeline.

Chengdu is a rainy city, and we choose rain as the representative of the nature elements. The installation is from top to bottom divided into collection part, storage part and nursery garden full of flower seeds. The roof changes the even distribution of rainwater. Different volumes of rainwater lead to different heights in the water storage bag and different irrigation areas on the flowerbeds, which forms shrub gardens of different sizes. Therefore, rainfall, as an instant element within a short span of time, can finally leave a long-lasting trace on the land, allowing life and land to witness time.

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